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Brittany Murphy


review=Cher and Dionne are best friends who live in Beverly Hills. They are popular, rich, pretty, and charming. One day, they spot a new girl at school, Tai, and decides to do a makeover on her. They are very successful, but Cher realizes that she needed a makeover herself in a spiritual way. With this makeover, she learns about caring for others, going through pain, and love

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Director=Amy Heckerling

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When I watched Clueless on TV I didn’t realize that it was a parallel to Jane Austen’s Emma, but I began to figure it out. I find it very funny that the character that is somewhat similar to Emma’s Frank Churchill is gay, which of course he is not in the novel. Also very funny is that Cher’s unrelated stepbrother is a parallel to Mr. Knightley which is Emma’s cousin! And instead of Emma finding Harriet’s farmer unworthy, its Cher finding Tai’s skateboarder unworthy. These modern updates are pretty funny if you watch for them. Overall the novel was modernized very well, especially if you have read Emma or watched the film version.

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(Freeform) Clueless Movie Stream

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